The work at Holly Lodge was started in June 1887, being inspired and founded by four sisters named Peddar.
Meetings were first held in a barn before the present building was erected in the grounds of the sisters home, Holly Lodge, hence the name.
The responsibility for the work was taken over by Burlington Baptist Church in 1900.
It was still called Holly Lodge Mission. However, in July 1953 the Church became independent and called its first minister in 1956 and was constituted as a Baptist Church that year.
About this time the Church had started a work on the White House estate and new buildings were opened there in 1957. That church became independent from Holly Lodge in 1967 and as White House Baptist Church the work still remains active today.
Former ministers of Holly Lodge were John Hance, John Roberts, Bill Churchill,
John Hopper, Hugh Williams, Arthur Hembling and 
Steve Bond spanning from 1956 to 2010. 



Our mission statement is ...
"Knowing Jesus and making Jesus known"
This reflects what we believe our fellowship is all about, because we love Jesus and know of His great love for us and how we can feel and experience that in our daily lives, we want to share that good news with the surrounding community. We strive to do this through various forms of service to that community, as can be seen by the many activities that we run from our church.

Our fellowship is a member of the Ipswich Partnership of Evangelical Churches (IPEC) and also the Eastern Baptist Association (EBA).

We adhere to the core values and principles of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and we are members of the Evangelical Alliance.

We do hope you feel that joining in with our fellowship is something that you would find attractive!


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